Custom Europa / Wohler HDCC Card Firmware



Custom Europa / Wohler HDCC Card Firmware (for existing product owners)

New Base HDCC Firmware

We have developed new FPGA and microprocessor code for the Europa and Wohler HDCC cards that addresses a number of outstanding issues.

This new code greatly improves the performance with a far superior SD WST decoder which no longer susceptible to variations in FPGA production dates or operational temperature changes which either resulted in corrupt or missing captions on the SD decoder.

Both the CC inserter including its monitoring functions and the GPI Inserter / Decoder have been redeveloped into a stable code set. 

  • Temperature stable design
  • Stable SD WST decoder across operating temperature range
  • Enhanced Subtitle Decoder / Cross converter
  • Enhanced GPI Encoder/Decoder
  • Reliable communications interface

Closed Caption & GPI Analyser

We have introduced an additional version of the code specifically designed for Closed Caption and GPI data analysis.

This version of code converts the HDCC card into a powerful closed caption analyser / decoder ideal for logging and investigating closed caption & GPI data streams.

Software Features include

  • WST & OP47 Closed Caption Decoder / Analyser
  • Raw Closed Caption & GPI Data Logging with time stamp
  • RTF formatted Closed Caption & GPI Logging with time stamps and error flags
  • Excel formatted data logs
  • Live Closed Caption Decode and Analysis
  • Live GPI Decode & Analysis


Page updated Aug 8th 2019