AXUS OS Broadcast Platform (openGear® 2 & 3 Compatible)

Our flagship OSBP Broadcast Platform Card provides the mainstream broadcaster with a full range of powerful tools including :-

  • Features Include
    • True Dual Channel Card 2-Input, 4-Output. User Configurable. Each channel fitted with Relay Bypass.
    • Closed Caption Standards & Modes Supported Include:-
      • World System Teletext WST & OP42
      • OP47 / RDD-8
      • EIA-608
      • EIA-708
      • Closed Caption Insertion via external authoring system
      • Open Caption Outputs
      • Extracted CC Data Output via Ethernet & RS232 
      • Cross Conversion between video standards i.e. SD / HD <-> 3G & 4K
      • CC Format Conversion 608/708 <–> WST/OP47
      • NEW : OP47 LEGALISER.
    • Frame accurate GPI Trigger Insertion & Extraction (Europa/Wohler Compatible Protocol)
    • SCTE-104 Splice Data Insertion & Extraction .
    • Cross convert Wohler / Europa GPI Triggers to SCTE-104 Splice GPI
    • SCTE-104 ANC Data Capture / Analyser (Analyser via optional software).
      • Raw SCTE-104 Data packet capture.
        • SCTE-104 Packets are captured and sent to the Ethernet port for Analysis / Logging via the optional S/W .
      • SCTE-104 Text Data Output.
        • SCTE-104 Triggers are converted to readable text format that the user can log via the Ethernet port using standard terminal S/W.
    • Real Time Closed Caption Data Analysis & Data Logging (Optional Software Required)
    • Real Time GPI Trigger Analysis & Data Logging (Optional Software Required)
    • 4 Channel Ethernet Interface which can be used for data insertion or analysis.
    • Dual RS-232 Interface (Primarily to support legacy systems).
    • USB Interface..

Customization Services

If you require a specific solution for audio, video or data manipulation please call us to discuss your needs. The OSBP-04 card is powered by a powerful FPGA, multiple microprocessors, high density expansion ports etc thus allowing the card to be re-purposed for a variety of tasks.

The broadcast platform is used in an openGear®2 or openGear®3 frame where up to 10 cards can be installed in a single 2RU frame. The cards can be fully monitored and configured using the OG Dashboard interface.

Increasingly broadcasters are being asked to provide more and more facilities with greatly reduced budgets. The AXUS platform has been designed not only to meet your current needs but provide an upgrade path into the future. Generally as new technology emerges new products must be designed from the ground-up. With our product we have taken the “Motherboard / Daughterboard” approach. This methodology has been incorporated so we can quickly and easily provide solutions to problems or new technology as they materialize. In this way we can quickly develop new interfaces without having to re-engineer the entire product.

The added advantage to the end user is a common platform across multiple standards.


Please contact us for more information. Thank You

openGear® is a registered trademark of Ross Video

Additional information

Standards Supported

SCTE-104 GPI Splice Insertion & Decode HD & SD
WST(ETS-300-706), OP42 & OP47 Closed Caption Insertion Decoding & Monitoring
EIA-608 & EIA-708 Closed Caption Insertion Decoding & Monitoring
Nufor, EEG, CDP Protocols