AXUS CD-2 Firmware Upgrade



New firmware for the CD-2 has been created that corrects a number of issues with the WST SD  & HD closed caption decoder.

New Features Include

  • Enhanced Closed Caption Decoder
  • Intuitive system configuration
  • Improved Temperature Stability

Option 1

    • Closed Caption Analyser Output
    • Enhanced Closed Caption Data Output
    • GPI Analyser
    • GPI Enhanced Data Output
    • GPI Trigger Output

Option 2

    • SCTE-104 Splice Detector Data Output
    • SCTE-104 Trigger Output

Intuitive Unit Configuration

  • Easy Configuration. No specific knowledge of register locations and modes of operation required.
  • Hardware serialization to enable asset tracking.
  • Decode Closed Captions and GPI ancillary data in a readable format using standard terminal software.
  • Raw Closed Caption / GPI data out.
    • The RAW data contains more information which can be decoded by our optional Analyser Software package.

Customization Service

Depending on your application we can write custom code for your CD-2 to meet a specific requirement. The resources in the device and our vast toolkit of applications allow us to offer these specialized services.

Please call us to discuss any specific requirements you have for this product.