AXUS HDCC Upgrades & Custom Code (for existing product owners)

 At AXUS we have written new code for both the FPGA and microprocessors for the Europa and Wohler HDCC cards.

This new code corrects a number of issues with the older HDCC code and greatly improves performance and a far superior SD WST decoder which no longer is susceptible to variations in production dates or temperature changes which either resulted in corrupt or missing captions on the decoder.

We have also added additional features to the analyser ports for Closed Caption and GPI data analysis and will soon release a new version backplane for the Eurocard version which will allow multiple Ethernet  connections thus allowing true dual channel operation under Ethernet control.

The HDCC was designed with the future in mind therefore your cards can be reprogrammed to perform tasks outside of captioning if required.

New AXUS Features include :

  • Temperature stable design
  • Stable SD WST decoder across operating temperature range
  • Enhanced Subtitle Decoder / Cross converter
  • Enhanced GPI Encoder/Decoder
  • Reliable communications interface
  • Closed Caption & GPI Analyser support (Optional Software)

New features Q1 2018

  • New Eurocard Backplane with multi-channel Ethernet Interface


A large expansion port on the card can be used to add extra hardware resources where required. In the past sub-boards have been created for clients to enable the card to be used as a Still Store and Logo Keyer, video switcher etc. We have also written specific code to convert the card into a clapper generator, time code decoder, Sporting Game Clock etc.

With the card resources available a large variety of client specific solutions can be provided.


Please call us to discuss your requirements.


Page updated Jan 12th 2018