AXUS Software Toolbox

A number of software tools have been developed  for in-house which are primarily used for testing and evaluation or our product range.

You are welcome to evaluate a demo version of the packages and if you would like to purchase a copy after evaluation please contact us.

The Broadcast Toolbox Software (includes)

  • SCTE-104 Verbose Data Logger and ANC capture
    • Log and analyse ANC SCTE-104 Data in real time
  • Closed Caption Inserter Software (NF Loop)
    • Run a pre-canned test loop to exercise all the functionality of the closed caption inserter.¬†
    • Test the inserters response to a number of Nufor command sequences.
    • Exercise foreground and background color combinations.
    • Run high speed test loops to determine max performance of downstream decoders.
  • Closed Caption Inserter Software (STL File Playout)
    • Play EBU STL files into the closed caption inseters.
    • Examine STL files for errors
    • Edit STL files
    • Convert STL files into web-tt, VTT and xml format files
  • WST / OP47 Closed Caption Log / Analyser
    • Log and analyse WST & OP47 Decoded Captions
  • Nufor Data Capture, Log and Analysis
    • Log and capture Nufor commands
    • Convert Nufor captures into VTT, STL and XML file formats.
    • Real-time decode and preview of received Nufor captions
  • ANC GPI Log / Analyser
    • Log and real time decode of Europa / Wohler ANC GPI Commands
    • Analyse and flag data sequence errors.
  • 608 / 708 Closed Caption Inserter with XDS
    • This application generates Grand Alliance and EEG protocol test streams to test the AXUS 608/708 Inserters.
    • Includes XDS Data Insertion tools
  • HDCC Configuration Application
    • An alternate Configuration tool for Wohler HDCC-100 Cards
    • Fast and reliable