What’s New !

** New SCTE-104 Features **

New features have been added to the OSBP-04 Platform card that provide a migration path from the Wohler / Europa Propriatry GPI Triggers to the SCTE-104 Standard.

The new version of release code cross converts the proprietary GPI data into frame accurate SCTE-104 VANC data. 

Features :-

  • Wohler / Europa proprietary cross conversion to SCTE-104 GPI Splice
  • User assignable GPI identification up to 255.
  • User selectable GPI cross convert. The user can select GPI’s from either channel to be converted to SCTE-104.
  • External SCTE-104 GPI Splice Insertion via GPI Trigger. Any of the 8 Physical GPI’s can be used to insert SCTE-104 GPI Splice triggers.



AXUS OSBP-04 Platform Card

Our flagship card provides a variety of broadcast solutions on a common platform.

Features Include:-

  • True Dual Channel Card 2-Input, 4-Output.
  • SCTE-104
    • Splice Insert and Detection HD & SD
    • **NEW Cross convert Wohler / Europa Propriatry GPI to SCTE-104 Splice GPI
  • Closed Caption Insertion / Extraction / Decode
    • WST(OP42)
    • OP47
    • EIA-608
    • EIA-708
    • Simultaneous Analyser Data Output
  • Closed caption Cross Conversion.
    • 608/708 <-> WST/OP47
    • WST/OP47 <-> 608/708
  • Frame accurate GPI Trigger Insertion & Extraction (Europa/Wohler Compatible)
  • 4 Channel Ethernet Interface
  • Hardware Expandable
  • One platform multi-functional

For existing Wohler HDCC and CD-2 Owners

Wohler / Europa HDCC Upgrades

New code has been written for the HDCC cards which greatly improves their overall performance. The cards are now far more efficient in their resource management and as a result are exhibiting greater reliability.

During the re-design process we were able to release more resources enabling more features to be added.

Wohler CD-2 Decoder

New code has been written which converts this box from a closed caption decoder to a more powerful analyser tool.

Current Features Include:-

  • Enhanced Closed Caption Decoder
  • Intuitive system configuration
  • Option 1 :
    • Closed Caption Analyser
    • CC Enhanced Data Output
    • GPI Analyser
    • GPI Enhanced Data Output
    • GPI Open Collector Trigger Output
  • Option 2 :
    • SCTE-104 HD/SD Splice Detector Data Output & Data Capture
    • SCTE-104 HD/SD Open Collector Trigger Output

Please call us if you would like to discuss your requirements.


Page updated Jan 25th 2018